Welcome, our aim is to provide information on RV Solar Power systems in particular:-

Our interest started when we wanted to run our AC/Microwave/Toaster and Coffee maker (not all at the same time..) from our RV's house power.

run a toaster from your RV's house power

We needed some real solar wattage, a few batteries and a mother of an inverter to make this happen.

We'll also let you in on some innovative upgrades and ideas that could make your RV a custom heaven on wheels.

RV Solar massive wattage

Above two solar installs completed at our workshop in Ferntree Gully Victoria.

Our parent company designs web sites, this also ties in with IT requirements needed for high end solar regulators.


We've just started this site in 2015 so come back again as we'll be adding a lot of content from past projects over the next few weeks..

Just paid a visit to the AL-KO International factory to have a bike rack fitted to a Talvor Hayman.

Irish 4wd ?

I'm not sure if they're making a new "Irish" 4WD where you can jump in either end if you can't remember the front from back :)

A top company, great service and many thanks to the most helpful Craig Greenaway. (Production Engineer Motorhome Chassis).